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GZ SecureTalk

GZ secureTalk origina 800l

Secure communications with mobile devices


Geozone SecureTalk is a mobile communication solution combining multiple services such as telephony, instant messaging and SMS with sophisticated security mechanisms to protect your organization’s sensitive and classified information. Geozone SecureTalk transforms public networks and standard terminals into highly secure communication channels.

Targeted to government agencies, police and militaries, Geozone SecureTalk protects your operations by keeping communications secure and private. Members of your organization will be able to speak and exchange data with confidence, anywhere and anytime.

Traditional network based solutions used by governments and militaries are very expensive, complex to maintain and do not integrate well with standard wireless or wired communication devices, equipment and networks. The massive introduction of smartphone terminals and increasing mobility habits of public forces and government officials demand a more effective solution to protect classified and top-secret communications. A strong security suite, easily integrated into existing smartphones and networks is the aim behind Geozone SecureTalk. The solution offering also contains special hardened devices to meet the highest security requirements, facilitating very flexible deployment options covering different end user needs and security levels.

Geozone SecureTalk provides a cost-effective solution that delivers high voice quality over multiple IP networks such as EDGE, UMTS, WiFi or Satellite. Portable and tactical networks can be as well deployed on emergency or crisis missions and used with Geozone SecureTalk powered smartphones and computers securing all communications in the region and globally thanks to its double layer encryption architecture and its flexible deployment. We can customize on request the security parameters and algorithms embedded in the product.


Soldier using SecureTalk 1 s Soldier using SecureTalk 2 s



Feature list

The following functionalities are available within Geozone SecureTalk.

• Secure voice calls (VoIP)

Secure conference calls

• Secure Chat/IM

• Secure SMS

• Secure group communication

• Secure file transfer (videos, pictures,

  audio messages and  documents)

• Centralized contact, device and

  user management

• Call recording with user indication

  (enabled only on customer request)

• Protected local storage for user data

• Presence information

• Auto-destruction of messages

• Link quality indicator during calls

Mute and loudspeaker call features    

• Contact authorization control

Cross platform

• Collection of statistics and CDRs

• Suitable for any IP access network

• Voice conferencing

• OS hardening

• Message auto-destruction

• Secure storage for files

• Message broadcasting

• SMS for iPhone

• Push notification services

• iPad support

• Multiple organisations

• Contact search

• OCSP support

• Network licensing

• SaaS deployment models

• General improvements

• Support for localisation

FROM Q2 2017

• PBX integration

• Calls to legacy networks

• SecureTalk federation

• Multi-node architecture

• Windows desktop client

• Security policies (MAM)

• Redesign of admin console

• Performance and capacity enhancements


Security architecture

Security is applied to the communication between all components as well to the information exchanged end-to-end.

Double layer security

• End-to-End encryption

• Fully deployable on customer premises and portable

  for tactical missions

• Scalable and modular architecture

• Key Agreement: Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman (EDH)

• Encryption ciphers: AES 256, Camellia

  (additional ciphers configurable)

• Hashing algorithms: SHA-2 and BLAKE

• Support for Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

  through PKCS#11

• Keys are negotiated per call and destroyed afterwards

• Protection against replay attacks and dictionary attacks

• Hardened mobile devices for the strongest

  security requirements

• Device authorization control for additional user protection

• Customization of security parameters and

  algorithms upon request


Police officer using SecureTalk 1 s   Security officer using SecureTalk 1 s


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navcom front

Established in 1992, NavCom Technology, Inc., a John Deere Company, is a leading provider of advanced GNSS products for OEMs, VARs and system integrators needing high performance RTK systems, global five centimeter level GPS satellite corrections, geodetic quality GNSS receivers, wireless communication products and engineering consulting in the areas of precise positioning, wireless communications and robotics.

More about NAVCOM



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Together with the professional RPAS of its range, Geozone and Italdron supplies the technical manuals (Flight Manual, Maintenance Manual, Configuration) and offers to its customers a pre-set version of all the documents that are necessary for the ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) procedures:

Declaration of Conformity and annexes for those RPAS that fly in Non Critical areas Authorisation Request and annexes for those RPAS that fly in Critical areas (Art. 10.5)

More about ITALDRON

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